Retailers around the globe benefit from the depth and breadth of Anik Technologies's expertise of working with retailers. In an industry literally flooded with data, Anik Technologies combines its knowledge with sophisticated analytics to identify solutions to complex issues and give clients the insights they need to make more effective decisions. Whether a small or large retail chain, direct marketer, e-commerce pure play, or restaurant chain, retailers partner with Anik Technologies to deliver strategies that drive growth, unlock profit and value creation opportunities.

Anik Technologies help clients design and activate strategic programs based on insights into market trends, consumer behavior, brand positioning, and competitive dynamics. We create value for our clients by solving strategic issues that exist across their business, such as store productivity enhancement, geographic expansion, consumer segment activation, merchandising, pricing and promotional strategies, organization and supply chain effectiveness, and much more.

Consulting practice of Anik Technologies is centered on smart retailing. It starts with consumers, who determine success or failure. As such Anik Technologies goes beyond the normal facts and data of the business by developing insights that can be applied to retailer’s unique needs and requirements. We are focused on developing strategies, concepts and ideas. We work very closely with our clients and focus on developing ideas that can be successfully implemented. We know what it takes to be successful in retailing. Our retailing expertise and processes are proven. They have been applied across all retail and service segments and to all channels of retailing, including stores, catalog, direct marketing, e-commerce and m-commerce.

When you work with us, you are assured of following at minimum.

  • Proven processes

    Our consulting practice touches each aspect of retailing, including operations, service, merchandise, systems, multi-channel etc.

  • Successful retail concept development experience

    Our team has exposure of numerous strategic planning, concept development, and implementation projects. We clearly understand the challenges, brand positioning, cost, business models and requirements in developing and implementing successful retail concepts.

Our consulting services are always focused and puts huge emphasis on factors like following.

  • Winning Strategies

    We help create winning strategies for retailers. We are expert in guiding companies through the strategic planning process to achieve fresh insights, goals and achievements.

  • Optimized Customer Experience

    We assist clients develop a specific, consistent and sustainable customer experience that aligns with long term strategy and positioning with execution to win with customers.

  • Development of New Concepts

    Our expertise lies in development of innovative retail concepts, formats and programs. This is achieved by refinement of existing concepts, and formation of successful programs.

  • Performance Improvement

    We optimize retail concepts, strategies, and goals and come up with the system for overall improvement with feasible implementation plan.