Custom Software

Retail IT Division of Anik Technologies commits and provides the best of software development services. Based on extensive experience achieved over years of work in Retail IT domain in different parts of the world, the organization has matured processes, effective communication methodologies, strong project management capabilities and state of the art infrastructure.

Anik Technologies of course provide Technical expertise, infrastructure, cost advantage and quality of work but what is more significant is the knowledge of all aspects related with healthcare. The technical and project team is well familiar with medical workflow, terminology and compliance standards. Hence there is zero lead time and the organization is off to a start from day one, no need for any kind of project orientation.

  • Infrastructure

    Development Centre of Anik Technologies has international class physical and knowledge infrastructure which has attracted many Retail IT organizations to have their business associated with it. Investment in infrastructure enhances team productivity and reduce engagement risk for clients to a greater extent. Development center of Anik Technologies ensures that solutions it designs and develops for clients are built in the most productive and effective manner. Well designed and constructed infrastructure, highly trained human resources, efficient and time tested process for custom system development makes proposition of IT system development lucrative.

  • Location

    System Development and Support facility of Anik Technologies is based in city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat; the city equipped with all necessary infrastructures for IT services companies. Internal facilities of this development center enhance productivity and work culture for the organization. The center is equipped with latest technologies and solutions for networking, software engineering, project management and manpower productivity.

  • Connectivity Infrastructure

    Trusted connectivity with locations of clients all over the world is essential component of delivery module for Anik Technologies. Reliable and fast VPN links between clients' networks and us ensures that the organization is always part of network of the clients.

  • Information Infrastructure

    As an IT company Anik Technologies works on information and hence infrastructure for that is given high priority. Infrastructure for information reflects organization's vision for clients to transform and enhance business operations through management of knowledge and innovative technology. Process driven software ensures retention of project information in volatile situation.

  • Communications Infrastructure

    • Anik Technologies uses VOIP based phone to call into clients globally and to receive calls into office with local phone numbers in different countries. This is of course in addition to regular PSTN and Cell Phones.
    • Online collaboration tools like WEBEX and GoToMeeting are used for online demo, training, user acceptance and collaboration.
    • 24 x 7 Voice over IP calling facility is available for cost effective calling to our clients globally for long discussions on projects.

  • Technology

    Retail IT - Anik Technologies has technological expertise on various platforms typically needed for new traditional and new age Retail Technology solutions. Following are some of those areas.

    • Microsoft Technology

      Anik Technologies has deep expertise in development of applications under Microsoft’s development platform for desktop and web environment. This not only includes current development technology under .Net with VB.Net, Ajax and C# but also involves traditional tool of Visual Basic. The organization keeps track with all new launches from Microsoft and always ensures that team members are trained on new technology by Microsoft itself.

      While working with current version of Visual Studio and Operating System, Anik Technologies keeps on upgrading the team of database architects to remain expert on all versions of MS SQL Server. All applications developed by the organization seamlessly integrate with other Microsoft Products like MS Office, SharePoint etc. whenever found necessary.

    • Java/ J2EE Development

      Anik Technologies has made substantial investments in achieving expertise in Java/ J2EE development environment. Areas of expertise include J2EE, J2SE, Java Struts, Java Beans, Tomcat, JBoss, JRun, Websphere, JNDI, JASS etc.

    • Mobile / Tablet

      Anik Technologies has expertise in emerging mobile technologies like iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.