Mobile Ordering

Traditional way of sales is to open an outlet and wait for a customer. Selling items through multiple channels like web and phone in addition to counter sales is now not new for organized retail sector. Even engagement with customer is significant activity for ensuring loyalty.

Mobile Ordering System from Anik Technologies is retailers’ gateway for many fold increase in sales without any additional investment. Importantly the mobile app works for all kinds of outlets like grocery, pharmacy, restaurants, cafes, cosmetics just to name few. Think of a situation where the outlet is reaching out to each of the customers. Customer does not need to walk through the outlet and still they get the same advantage.

The iPhone and Android App provides a tool by which customers can view all items the outlet sell with rates on their mobile device and place the order. Retailers can also put the items on promotion or announce special offer on purchase which could be enjoyed by customers.

The Mobile Solution provides all sophisticated features normally available on modern Point Of Sale systems.

  • Provide promotional offers

    Retailer can offer discounted price to customers for predefined duration.

  • Special Offers

    Special offers are the best way to attract customers. Outlet can have different ways of doing this with Mobile Ordering System of Anik Technologies.

    • Percentage discount on purchase of certain quantities across different items, i.e. you can say that any customer who buys total of 5 or more items from Lux, Palmolive and Pears would get 10% discount on all of them.

    • Fixed amount discount on purchase of different items for certain quantities, i.e. If customer buys 3 quantities of Colgate Tooth Paste all the 3 would be available at discount rate of $. 1.00

    • Free items on purchase of the item, i.e. you can have a special offer like get 2 Kg. of Sugar free with purchase of 10 Kg of Oil.

    • Time specific special offers, there could be an offer on a purchase during 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

    • Weekly, Monthly, Yearly offers. Retailers can announce special bargains say for example on every Wednesday or First Friday of each month or even 1st August every year.

  • Loyalty Points

    Retaining customers is essential in competitive retail market and loyalty points is the best option for that. You can provide facility of loyalty points earning and redeeming to your customers.

  • Announcement

    Outlets can send announcements for customers which appears immediately on mobile screen of registered customers.