R365 is suite of Retail IT Products designed and developed by Anik Technologies to make Retailing a business of 365 days. The bundle of products consist of modules for customer engagement, e-commerce, m-commerce, mall-commerce etc.

Customer Engagement

52 Sundays and not more than 13 holidays in a year, which makes 65 Days. Is retailing all about 65 days in a year? How does revenue graph of 65 days vs 300 days look like? And when you do the same for expenses? This is of course very challenging business pattern which keeps differential nature of pressure throughout the year. Regardless to nature of retailing, all retailers want …

  • Increase in customer visits during week days/ off peak time.
  • Closer communication with regular/ premium customers.
  • Involving own customers to promote your outlet
  • Basically, MORE BUSINESS.

The iPhone and Android App provides a tool by which customers can view all items the outlet sell with rates on their mobile device and place the order. Retailers can also put the items on promotion or announce special offer on purchase which could be enjoyed by customers.

You need to have R365 – The System which ensures Retailing 365 Days. R365 is integrated solution for outlets which provides advantage of Social Media, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC). The system on cloud, facilitates creating variety of features for customer engagement with efficient analytical capability which helps in analysing customer feedback and behaviour. The system also involves Mobile APP for customers which keeps them connected with retailer. Capability for customer to share items through Facebook, WhatsApp and Email puts stores on universe of social media.

With this unique concept shops get to engage with their customers more closely, professionally and effectively.

  • One of the components of R365 is Mobile APP for customers, currently available for iPhone and Android phones. The APP ensures that the Store is always connected with his customers.
  • Items in the store could be sent to customers with images, description and rate which would have instant attention.
  • New arrivals can be provided distinctly because people are always more interested in that.
  • You can even announce promotion offer which reaches immediately to customer. Customers can see the items on promotion with rate.
  • It is no secret that customers love SPECIAL OFFERS. The system gives a tool to generate variety of special offers and deliver them to customers instantly. These offers could be like discounted rate, reduction in price, free items etc. This will encourage customers to visit your store.
  • With Mobile APP customers can Like and Comment on items, which is a great way to hear from customers.
  • Can you imagine customers marketing for you? The Mobile APP gets that done for retailers as customers would share items through Facebook, WhatsApp and Email.
  • There is also a feature to create mobile coupons and deliver those to customers on their cell phone. These coupons could be for Birth Day, Anniversary or Festivals. Coupons could be also created for attracting customers to visit store during week days and off peak hours.
  • Reward points too are part of this Mobile APP.

Powerful Analytical tool available on cloud permits retailers to perform in-depth analysis on customers and items which would draw them closer to expectations of customers. The logic is simple, spending BIG on general advertisement may help, but budgeting little for customer engagement will deliver business.