Point of Sales

Point of Sale software provide by Anik Technologies give you much more than typical Point of Sales (POS) Application. The cloud based system developed in robust and efficient ASP.NET technology not only optimizes your Retail Point of Sale (POS) and store operations environment but also significantly reduce costs and increase efficiency throughout your organization. Efficient Customer Management and Loyalty tools of the software is something which will take you at different level against your competition.

Key features include:


  • Suitable for Single Store and Multiple Store (Chain of Stores) setup.
  • Advanced Features that Saves Time and Money. 360 RMS has the advanced features which are analytically driven and based on proven technology. Features like intelligent purchasing and automated replenishment, it can automatically do the tasks that you don’t have time to do. This allows users a time to focus on the key areas of business and make the critical decisions with confidence.
  • Increased Revenue and Profit. Because 360 RMS is the total integrated solution, the positive impact on business is tremendous. Benefits include: improved revenue, profit, etc. With 360 RMS you increase sales productivity while reducing inventory carrying cost, stock-outs, and the need for drastic markdowns due to overbuying. You also develop loyal repeat customers who are happy with their shopping experience, and come back again and again.
  • Integration with devices like Pole, Cash Drawer, Receipt Printer, Signature Pad, Pin Pad etc.
  • Facility to define station specific hardware and operational features.
  • Context specific help with sticky notes.
  • Price Checker
  • Discount Group
  • Credit Card Vault
  • Hold Sale
  • Customer History
  • Tax Exempt Invoice
  • Sales Returns
  • Void Invoice
  • Coupons
  • Facility to Create Blank Line/ Miscellaneous Item during Sales.
  • Message Board

Ring Sales

  • Easy navigation with Keyboard and Mouse both.
  • Three Tender options, each with Cash, Credit Card and Gift Card.
  • Option to Print Receipt on 40 Column or 80 Column Receipt Printers.
  • Facility for Percentage and Amount Discounts.
  • Feature to load customer from loyalty cards.
  • Facility to sale Coupons and Gift Cards.
  • Facility to view Customer History while making an invoice.
  • Provision for Returns and Tax Exempt Invoices.

Global Setup

  • User defined Sales Tax Structure.
  • Payment options selection Credit Cards and definition of message in Receipt during different Payment option.
  • User Defined Look-up Screens.
  • Provision for using Internal or External Loyalty Program.
  • Facility to setup options like Shipping, Coupon, Discount, Closeout, Membership, Gift Card etc.
  • Setup for Credit Card Gateway.

Station Setup

  • Software start-up options.
  • Selection of Printer and specifications for Receipt Printing.
  • Setup of POS Hardware like Pole, Signature Pad, Cash Drawer etc.


  • Inventory creation with Department, Style, Mark-up and Margin on Cost and Promotion information.
  • Facility to handle Inventory, Non-Inventory, Service and Coupon as type of item.
  • Item wise Sales and Purchased History with graphical representation.
  • Item wise Security Log, which provides total edit history.
  • Receiving Inventory section permits items to be received in Case and in units.
  • Receiving Inventory also provides for printing of Receipt Report and Cost Variance Report.
  • Physical Inventory permits Importing Data from Hand Held Scanner.
  • User defined Report on Inventory Items for Vendor, Department, and Style etc. with multiple options.
  • Group Edit
  • Discount Group
  • Multiple Barcodes for an item
  • Clowning an item
  • Ordering alerts


  • Facility to store promotional information with customer data.
  • Credit Card Vault storage.
  • Facility for Internal and External Loyalty Card Programs for Customers.
  • Feature to Lock Customer's account for future transactions.
  • Sales History which provides information about each Invoice and items within that.
  • Who Purchase Report, which provides information about customers who purchased for specific item, department, style or items worth certain value.
  • List of Inactive Customers, i.e. Customers who have not bought any item since particular date.
  • Facility to import filtered Customer List to Marketing Centre for promotional communication.
  • Pleasant Screen Display


  • Vendor specific Purchase History for Current Month, Last Two Months, Three Months of for Custom Range.
  • Graphical Analysis of Purchase History.
  • Security Log of all Editing done on Vendor Data.


  • Provision to Hide/ Display Customer's Credit Card Information.
  • Maintenance of Password Reset History.
  • Time Clock feature provide Login and Logout information of all users.
  • Option Specific Security Settings. Facility for temporary login by privilege holder.

Today's Sales

  • Station wise Sales Summary with important break-up.
  • Facility to view Sales Summary of all Stations.
  • Journal View, which provide Sales Summary of specific station with break-up of each invoice and items within that.
  • Hourly Sales
  • Items Sold
  • Profitability
  • Closeout Report which provides Sales Breakdown, Currency Breakdown, Summary of Items Sold, Exception Report etc.

Sales Report

  • Sales Summary

    Sales Summary Reports which provides information about Invoices, Date, Item, Currency Breakdown, Returned Items, Tax etc.

  • Quantities Sold

    Quantities Sold Report which provides information about sales made for items in terms of Quantity and Amount for the Period. Each Item could be pegged for related Invoice Information.

  • Sales Journal

    Total Sales Register with all Invoices for specified duration.

  • Tax Exempt Sales

    Reports on sales made as tax exempted.

  • Popularity Report

    Provides report on the most and the least popular items by quantities sold.

  • Void/ Returns

    Summary and detailed report on Void and Returned Sales.

  • Gift Cards

    Gift Card Report which provides information on Sales made on Gift Cards.

Other Reports

  • Additional Reports on Expenses, In-house usage, Sales-on-hold, Inventory Security Log, Loyalty Program, Exceptions etc.

Marketing Center

  • Facility for Printing of Labels, Outlook Merge